Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Celebration on December 24th

I got up early to get the breakfast casserole in the oven and make homemade biscuits, but everyone was up by 8:00 AM.  First we checked out the stockings, then we ate our big breakfast.

 Ben is interested to see what's inside

 Jesse checked out his stocking, too.

 Sometimes things don't work out the way we want, and it can be hard to handle.  Probably James wouldn't let Jesse do something he wanted to do.

It's always good to get popcorn in your stocking! 

After breakfast, we began opening gifts.  Ben had the right idea, but had to be encouraged to open it all the way.

Jesse got a speedway. 

Ben got a basketball goal. 

What else can I find over here? 

Wow, Ben!  This looks pretty cool! 

Look!  You can put things inside here, and it makes sounds! 

Both boys seemed pretty fascinated with this toy. 

 We can play with this together.

        What did David get?                                                          It's an iPad!!

I need someone to get this out of the box. 

These cars would be more fun if I could get them out. 

 Look at this, Jesse!

 Hiking boots for James

Finally someone got this out of the box so I can try it out. 

These wheels go round and round.

 It's a tent, so Lisa and Steve can go camping.

 New overalls

Jesse was unhappy about something.

                      Katie got a bread machine.                                  

What could this be? 

 New chairs

Matthew and James for new fleeces from Grandmother Dorothy. 

 Eating our Christmas dinner at noon

Precious Ben, with his big blue eyes